Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom…

18 Aug


My grandfather, Ed Moss, is one of my heroes.

He served in World War II as a navigator, stationed in Hawaii.

He served, and did so proudly.

For the last twenty years of his working life he held a job where he again felt he provided a needed service to our country…

He was a postal worker.

If he were alive today, he would be enraged at the thought that the Postal Service was at risk of not providing services to our communities.

The Postal Service is codified in our Constitution—that’s how important our Founders felt.

I read yesterday that an 85-year old man in Houston was without his heart medication for TEN days, as it was delayed in a processing center just a few miles away because staffing hours had been cut.

Thank God he didn’t die.

Over 80% of our beloved veterans who need medications from the VA receive them… via the Postal Service.

Whether it be the big city where I live now or in rural areas where I’m from in Nebraska, the mail is delivered.

I voted in-person last week in the primary election in Minnesota, but I have already requested a ballot to come to my home for the general election in November. I will drive my completed ballot to the court house to place it into a designated drop box. I will also track my ballot to make sure that it is received by the Election Commission so that my vote is counted.

Although I will take these extra steps and am willing to do so to make sure I can exercise my Constitutional right to vote, I am deeply saddened and angered that I and many others must do this because of threats to what I see as a cornerstone of our country—the ability to receive and send mail in a reasonable time.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

I join my grandfather, who deeply believed and lived out this motto every day he was a postal worker.

I hope you will too.

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