JOB SEARCH TIP: Bring questions to the interview that will help them know you– advice from Dr. Clifton.

20 Aug


Back in the day Don Clifton was advising college students who were applying for jobs. Several complained that the college recruiters didn’t really spend much time getting to know them, preferring to tell them about the benefits of joining their company.

Don said: “Write a list of questions that if the recruiters were to ask you they would know a lot about you. Give them the list and ask them to read you the questions.”

The recruiters did. Most of the recruiters were so impressed they asked if they could keep copies of the questions.

Don’t assume recruiters know the right questions to ask to learn about you. It may sound audacious, but you can use the same strategy—prepare a set of questions, give them to the recruiter, and ask them to ask them to you.

Just like Don’s students, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The posts for the next couple weeks are inspired by a man who inspired me, Donald O. Clifton.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community. This content is free:  All the posts at

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