Don Clifton got a second chance. He used it to live well. What would do with yours?

23 Aug

don and me

I’m going to finish up my series about my mentor Dr. Clifton with this story:

Don was an aviator in World War II. One day he was headed toward his plane for a trip across enemy lines, but at the last minute was bumped so a new navigator could join the experienced crew.

He stayed on the ground, and that plane didn’t come back, shot down in combat.

Don felt like every day he lived after that was a gift, and he wasn’t going to waste one of them.

Don’t waste your days.

This seems like good advice for living, but is particularly important for those in the job search. It’s easy to let a day or two “slide by” where you don’t work on your job search. You find some excuses not to follow up with jobs, you let networking calls slide, rationalizing that you’re not convinced that those calls will make a difference anyway.

Each day is too precious, and in a job search each and every day can be used to advance you to your ultimate goal—reemployment.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community:

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