What we can learn from African dust.

13 Sep

Just watched a show on Netflix that explained how dust from long-dead fish in an extinct African lake now produces dust that nourishes global-warming-carbon-eating plankton in the ocean and also keeps the Amazon rainforest alive and teeming.

The dust travels the globe, offering benefits never imagined.

By the way, I should tell you the name of the show…

It’s called Connected.

We are connected, in ways we understand and in other ways we may never imagine.

The goal of this platform is to create connections. I’ve found connections on LinkedIn with folks on other continents and others who live right down the road from me in Minnesota.

Like the dust from Africa, through our connectedness we can be a catalyst for growth. We can find new opportunities, and we can gain new insights.

And, yes, we can be of help.

In these challenging times, let’s be even more intentional about being connected, not only to advance our interests but in supporting the interests of others. Take time to help someone in the job search, or use some of your privilege to help someone who needs insights or connections they don’t have.

Let’s help others along their journey. We can feed, and we can be fed.

#jobhunting #careers #jobsearch #networking #connected There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community: https://www.thetablempls.com/jobresources

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