Why good folks leave jobs–reason #1: The job or workplace was not as expected.

14 Sep

My colleague Leigh Branham wrote an important book on why good employees leave. The book is based on his study of thousands of “exit surveys” of people who left their employer. Over the week I’ll comment on how each of these factors can impact your career and job search.

Job seekers have more information available to them than ever before about prospective employers.

There are numerous sources of information in the public domain that can help you research companies, from something as simple as a Google search to the web site of an employer. Job boards and social networking sites also have information about employers, including participant ratings.

But folks can often gain additional useful information from personal networking with:

~ Current or former employees,

~ Current or former customers,

~ Current or former supply chain partners (vendors),

~ Professional associations/trade groups,

~ Neighboring employers, or

~ Regulatory agencies.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you get a new job and then learn the work or culture is significantly different than you expected.

Do your homework.

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