Advice for job seekers: Why good folks leave jobs–reason #3: There is too little coaching and feedback.

15 Sep

My friend Leigh Branham published a book on why good employees leave. It is based on his study of thousands of “exit surveys” of people who left their employer. Job seekers can gain from his insights.

I am often teased by colleagues how often I say: “feedback is a gift.”

But I do mean it.

We have a chance to grow when we receive feedback and coaching, when we learn more about what we’re doing well as well as areas we can improve.

Not all cultures are built that way. Some company cultures don’t have ways for employees to learn and grow via coaching and feedback. The reasons for this lack can vary, but the end result can be employees who feel lost, have a lack of confidence, and are generally adrift.

As a job seeker, you again have the potential to learn about a prospective employer. For networking contacts, ask:

~ Are current employees provided meaningful feedback about their performance?

~ Is that feedback frequent, or do folks have to wait for an annual review?

~ Do managers spend time working with employees, including one-on-one time, to support the growth of their direct reports?

Do your homework. Learn about the culture of a prospective employer.

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