Advice for job seekers: Why good folks leave jobs–reason #4: There are too few growth and advancement opportunities.

16 Sep

My friend Leigh Branham published a book on why good employees leave. The book is based on his study of thousands of people who left their employer.

If career opportunities are important to you in your next position, you can likely learn a lot about that via formal and informal channels.

On the web site of many employers they will describe what opportunities may be available, but I strongly recommend you ask about this in your interviews as well. Additionally, ask people in your network who may have insights.

You may also want to think through what kind of career path(s) are important to you. Some options:

~ Doing the same kind of work you’ve done before,

~ Taking a lateral move from a prior job, or

~ A promotion from a prior job.

Each of these may have different career development paths.

Don’t put yourself into a position where you find a new job and later learn you don’t have opportunities to pursue your career goals.

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Grab a copy of Leigh’s book at:

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