Is your work hard or soft? A lesson from our Jacob.

21 Sep

Our son, who is on the autism spectrum, came home from work a while back. Based on his demeanor we wondered if his day didn’t go so well. We’ve all had those, right?

My wife asked him: “Jacob, did you have a hard day at work?”

He thought about the question for a moment and then replied: “No mom, it was still pretty soft.”

In your job search, and in your current work for that matter, you want to find work that Jacob would describe as “soft”.

To Jacob, a “soft day” is one where he still works hard, but he feels supported by his manager and gets along with his coworkers. A “soft” day may be one where there is a challenge or two, but he gets help when he needs it and puts in the effort to get his work done. A “soft” day is one where his efforts are appreciated, and where he goes home feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride in being part of something larger than himself.

Where he’s valued.

We all want those kinds of “soft days”, right?

If you’re in the job search, look to gain insights about the culture of your prospective employer, how they treat people, and the reputation of the leadership.

Life is too short to have what Jacob would consider a “hard day”.

Find a place where most of your days at work will be “soft”.

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