Advice for job seekers: Why good folks leave jobs–reason #7: There is a loss of trust and confidence in senior leaders.

19 Sep

My friend Leigh Branham published a great book on why good employees leave. The book is based on his study of thousands of people who left their employer.

Many of the reasons why good employees leave can be impacted by your direct manager, but that doesn’t mean that senior leaders don’t chase good people away.

They do.

You can look on sites such as GlassDoor to view ratings of senior leadership at a prospective employer, and that’s a good thing.

But you can dig more.

You can learn more from your interviews as well as from coaches.

There’s a saying that “the fish rots from the head down”. Companies can also rot from the head down, so do your homework and find out about the effectiveness of senior leaders at prospective employers.

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Grab a copy of Leigh’s book at:

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