Advice for job seekers– pay attention to work-life issues

18 Sep

Why good folks leave jobs–reason #6: Workers suffer from stress due to overwork and work-life imbalance.

My friend Leigh Branham published a book on why good employees leave. The book is based on his study of thousands of people who left their employer.

There’s a company I know of that future employees know there are opportunities for significant income, but there will be significant hours each week. For some that may be just fine, but according to Leigh’s research this can be a factor that leads to people leaving good jobs.

Job stress and burnout can have an impact, so do what you can to determine if the work load requirements and the stress that may result fit with your values. Many employers are finding ways to accommodate different schedules to help balance work and life, so explore if those can be options.

We all want work that is meaningful and helps us achieve our goals, but make sure you fully understand  if stress and a lack of work-life balance may wear on you in a new job, and you leave as a result.

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