“Peter, did you ask that question today?” A lesson from Peter Drucker.

23 Sep

When the great management consultant Peter Drucker was a child, each day at the breakfast table his father would ask: “Peter, do you have a question for the teacher today?”

Over time Peter realized his father was always going to ask, so he prepared each morning with something that was of interest to him and for which he would value the learning.

At the dinner table each evening his father would say: “Peter, did you ask that question to the teacher?”

Peter would say yes and then give the answer to his father, which then began a spirited discussion.

This training helped Peter to learn how to ask good questions, a job search (and life) skill that is exceptionally important and not often appreciated.

Make it a practice to ask someone a question every day, even if you don’t have Peter’s father to ask what you learned at dinner.

Listen. Learn. Ask more questions.

This mindset is important in the job search, and can also be applied to those who are currently working.

Ask questions. Be curious. Learn from the answers. And, like Mr. Drucker, thrive.

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There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community: https://www.thetablempls.com/jobresources

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