JOB SEARCH TIP: Bring value to networking contacts.

25 Sep

In describing relationships, Dr. Gale Muller said that “relationships should eventually be equal, but are never equal at any one time.”

When you are networking in search of a new job, you may feel the exchange is one-sided, where a networking contact is only helping you.

Although it may feel that way, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some value or be of help to your contact.


~ Perhaps you can offer information about a former employer or a contact of yours,

~ Maybe you can bring an article about an industry trend the contact hadn’t seen,

~ Or you make an introduction to a contact of yours that would be of value.

Be proactive. Show you are willing and able to reciprocate.

The exchange may not be perfectly equal, but you can make an effort that will be noticed.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community:

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