JOB SEARCH TIP: Not looking for a job? Update your resume anyway.

7 Oct

Over on Twitter I saw a post from Hasibul Hossain Shanto, urging folks to update their resume regularly. My thoughts on why that’s important:

~ Although you have a job, in these challenging times, your job status can change quickly. If your resume is up to date you will be able to move more quickly into the job market.

~ You’ll more likely remember the specifics around an accomplishment or success you have had. We may forget certain details as time goes by, so it’s better to document those results regularly.

~ As you update your resume you can also determine if your online profiles need a refresh.

You have an important story to tell, but it’s a story that is still unfolding. Take a few minutes regularly to document that story so when you need to tell it you’ll be at your very best.

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There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community:

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