Job search tip: Using psychological tricks to motivate your job search.

10 Oct

A research study found folks were more likely to exercise if we could only watch a favorite television show AFTER they had exercised. The idea is you are more likely to do what you dislike if you have an enjoyable experience to look forward to after you’ve done the unpleasant task.

We may put up with a bit of pain if we have something pleasurable to look forward to after the pain.

As part of your job search plan, trying using this approach:

~ Reach out and do networking calls with strangers, THEN watch “Stranger Things”.

~ Send out an incredible resume and cover letter that is customized to a specific job, THEN watch “The Incredibles”.

Is binge watching not a reward that motivates you? Maybe your reward would be to head out (safely) to a local park—do the unpleasant task and make that your reward.

William Butler Yeats said: “Joy is of the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.” Let’s push forward, and enjoy a bit of a reward for our efforts.

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