JOB SEARCH TIP: Brooks Hatlen was right—slow it down.

11 Oct

“The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.”

I’m a fan of the film “The Shawshank Redemption”, and this is one of my favorite lines. We have gotten a big hurry in this world of ours, often to our detriment.

This is true for those in the job search. Yes, you need to have a plan and work your plan, but you should also set aside time, perhaps a day or so, to slow it down.

For starters, get off the computer and social media. (Ironic I’m using social media to tell you this, right?

Find an activity that nourishes you. Perhaps you should spend some time in nature (socially distanced, of course), walking in a park or on a lake.

Or how about a good book? Lose yourself in a good story. I enjoy a good mystery—how about you?

Maybe a way to slow down is to be with family or friends (you know what I’m going to say about safety again), particularly with those who can provide some joy or levity or health distraction.

Slow it down.

A final way you may need to slow down is to get some professional help, to walk along side of you in these difficult times.

Yes, your job search awaits you, but do time to recharge and refresh.

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