To inspire team members, there is no panacea. But the real solution isn’t too difficult.

28 Oct

A “panacea”—a solution for all remedies.

When it comes to recognition, there isn’t really one panacea that will inspire all employees equally. It turns out you need a series of resources at your disposal. According to our research it’s important employees experience recognition:

~ for which there is not necessarily an economic value,

~ for which there is an economic value, and

~ of a milestone or service anniversary.

According to our data, when employees don’t experience any of these three forms of engagement that are the least happy, committed and working hard on behalf of their employer. When they experience one of these forms of recognition their engagement increases, there is a bit more increase when they experience two, and yet another significant jump if they experience all three.

Even though there is no panacea, it’s not difficult to develop a strategy where you use these three forms of recognition to support an more productive, inspiring culture.

#ThankYouThursday #recognition  #appreciation #gratitude #grateful #inspiration

My employer has created a free site to recognize folks. Use it as often as you would like! Give some appreciation, right now:

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