JOB SEARCH TIP: Use “personal bests” to tell your story.

29 Oct

There can only be “salesperson of the year.”

Only one team can get their product to market first.

Only one person can win the contest for best design.

But every person—each of us—can do something better than we’ve ever done before.

Each of us can have a “personal best.”

Each of us have had a times in our work when we’ve done something better than we’ve ever done.

Maybe you were a new salesperson who was just starting with a company and got furloughed for no fault of your own. You didn’t compete with longer tenured producers, but you had a couple of months where you did better than you had before—you had two personal bests. A prospective employer may be very interested to know of your personal bests, as those successes, although modest, provide evidence you were heading in a positive direction.

In the world of sports we celebrate when athletes have a personal best. Take pride in your personal bests and learn to tell those stories to the market.

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There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along:

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