JOB SEARCH TIP Do your homework.

31 Oct

A former job search client told me about how a first interview with a prospective employer got off to a great start because she was learning about the employer. Prior to her interview she had been online and noticed a news story about the company, which she referenced in the “small talk” introductions. The hiring manager hadn’t seen the article, so was grateful for her bringing it up and it offered them an opportunity to connect. The rest of interview went well.

This is a good example of the importance of doing your homework about a potential employer. In some cases that can be accomplished in online research—the web site of the employer, online review sites and social networking sites can all be useful.

In other cases you need to do some networking with people you know who may have insights or can introduce you to people who do.

There are twelve free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please consider passing along to friend or loved one who may need help: 

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