JOB SEARCH TIP: If the Job Search Ghost haunts you.

7 Nov

Have you applied for a job at a company, had an interview, and then never heard back?

You’ve been “ghosted”.

Sadly, many employers don’t follow up with candidates who aren’t moving forward on a job. It is, in my view, lazy, disrespectful and unprofessional on the part of an employer. It can hurt their brand. Even if you don’t get this job, you are still a potential future employee, referrer and also a customer.

As a job seeker, what should you do?

~ If you had what you thought was a good interview that you think might lead to an offer, DON’T STOP SEARCHING. Keep looking. You are in control of your search.

~ Check your networking contacts to see if you know someone can help.

~ Finally, take the high road. Send one last note to the recruiter or hiring manager. Express your disappointment they have not followed up, and wish them well.

Stick to your plan. Do your homework. Tell your story.

It’s a new day. Let’s get going.

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One Response to “JOB SEARCH TIP: If the Job Search Ghost haunts you.”

  1. Krista Cox November 7, 2020 at 8:41 am #

    Thank you for addressing this issue! Unfortunately, it exists on a rather big level–in schools as well as businesses. I appreciate the pep talk you give applicants to keep moving forward and always take the high road by being more courteous and thoughtful than the “ghost.”

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