JOB SEARCH TIP: Job opportunities based on budget cycles.

8 Nov

Opportunities will open and close based on a factor not always obvious to the job seeker…

The business cycle.

All organizations run on some kind of year, either a calendar or fiscal. Jobs can become available in a new budget cycle, and they can also go away if not filled within the budgeting year.

Knowing the cycle for a potential employer can be helpful to your search. One former client knew a job wasn’t going to open up for a couple of months, but proposed they hire him with a start date when the job became available. Another I know took a job with a company that was a temporary role while still staying in the running for another job at the same company that was coming open in a few weeks when a new fiscal year started.

Since we’re coming up on the end of the calendar year there may more of these opportunities out there.

Keep your head up. Keep telling your story. Keep showing how you add value.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:  You can find all the posts at

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