It turns out Kramer, not Seinfeld, knows what inspires.

2 Dec

Do you remember this Seinfeld episode: Elaine has a birthday, and Seinfeld gives her as a gift… an envelope of cash.

She is completely underwhelmed, and Seinfeld is befuddled.

Kramer enters, sees Elaine, and returns with a package for her.

He got her a wooden bench, one that she was eyeing and for which Kramer had made a mental note.

Kramer is the hero and Seinfeld is the goat.

But why?

According to the academics, Seinfeld was caught unawares of “preference reversal”, where we SAY we want a certain thing (cash) but are ACTUALLY INSPIRED by the non-cash gift.

As you think about inspiring employees, don’t get caught in the same Seinfeld trap. Seek out non-cash awards, particularly “luxury” merchandise or experiences, where you get a far more inspired response.

#ThankYouThursday #recognition  #appreciation #gratitude #grateful #inspiration

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