JOB SEARCH TIP: My dad closed a door and changed his mind. So can you.

2 Dec

My dad was a fan of one car company when I was growing up, so he was a bit disturbed when I brought home another brand.

He walked all the way around the car. I asked him if he wanted to go for a drive. He opened the door of the car, and then shut it.

It shut easily and firmly, something that his brand of car was not known for.

“Hmm,” he said.

He eventually realized I made a good purchase.

Lenny closed and door and changed his mind.

When you’re in the job search, you too may need to close a door or two. Those doors, metaphorically, speaking, are mindsets that will get in the way of you moving on.

There are some self-limiting doors that need to be shut, such as “there are absolutely no jobs in the midst of the pandemic.”

There are some self-defeating doors, such as “I am so angry at my former boss that I will never trust another leader again.”

There are some self-destructive doors, such as “there isn’t anyone out there who can understand me or would be willing to help.”

Take a page from Lenny. Take a good look. Close the door if you need to. Chart a different path.

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