How employing a person with a disability can make you a better leader.

6 Jan

I met a manager who had recently hired an individual on the autism spectrum. He was referred to the company by an agency that provides vocational support to individuals on the spectrum.

As part of his transition into the company the agency spent time with the hiring manager, helping him understand the strengths of the new employee and the situations where he was likely to be more successful. They also provided insights about where the new employee may likely struggle, and they discussed how to best manage the challenges that may arise.

The manager worked hard to integrate this knowledge into onboarding the new employee, and after a while it was clear he was an outstanding employee who would be successful.

The manager reflected back on the training he had received, and realized that the insights the agency provided—focusing on strengths and managing potential weaknesses—could be applied to any member of his team.

As a result of this experience he’s a far better leader—for his entire team.

Let’s commit to creating workplaces that work for everyone.

#inclusion #disability

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