Calling for a (U.S.) National Day of Remembrance

9 Jan

I sent this to my Members of Congress. I encourage you to send a message to your elected representatives:


In the summer of 1978 I had the honor of working for a Member of Congress from Nebraska, Virginia Smith, in Washington, D.C. All these years later I still consider it one of the highlights of my life.

Although I worked in Longworth, I was often in the Capitol. Every time– every time– I walked into that building I thought to myself: “I am so lucky. I am grateful and honored to be standing in the halls of our democracy.”

I looked in horror as this building was taken over by a mob of thugs and hooligans who, in my view, were incited to be there. I can only imagine how you felt, discharging your duties as our duly elected representative, and having to flee for your safety as domestic terrorists stormed our Capitol.

As painful as these memories are for all of us, there is one thing we as a people cannot do…

We cannot forget.

I know investigations are under way to find the individuals responsible, and there will be much work done to ensure this never happens again, and I’m fully supportive of these efforts.

But in time those activities will be completed. I worry that in the future other issues and needs will dull our memory.

We must resist this.

We must be reminded how fragile our democracy can be.

We must remember.

Therefore, I would urge you and other Members of Congress to establish every January 6th as a National Day of Remembrance.  

I want to remember.

I want my family to remember.

I want my neighbors to remember.

I want those who have strongly held political beliefs who are opposite mine to remember.

Respectfully, I want our elected officials, present and future, to remember.

I am sure there will be many issues for you to address when Congress (safely) convenes. I would request you add this to your already busy schedule for thoughtful consideration.


Mark D. Hirschfeld

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