“Win the Week”: In these challenging times, recognize smaller successes more frequently.

13 Jan

In these challenging times, it is hard for organizations to predict and plan for the future. Interestingly, the same problem is encountered with our employees.

Our academic collaborator Michael Ahearne has noticed a number of organizations moving the timelines for goal attainment toward a shorter time period…

“Win the Week.”

Rather than thinking about goals for a quarter or a year, Dr. Ahearne has found that helping employees focus on a shorter-term goal can help folks stay more productive. And, of course, you “win the week” several times in a row you’re going to have a great quarter.

He saw this effort to be successful with sales teams, but could be applied to any employee group—think about key tasks and outcomes that can be achieved in the shorter team, and celebrate those smaller successes on the say to longer-term goal achievement.

Where could you implement a “win the week” strategy and, in doing so, help employees increase their chances of success?

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