JOB SEARCH TIP: It’s a holiday in the U.S, but you can still advance your job search.

15 Feb

It’s a holiday in the United States. But just because some companies aren’t open doesn’t mean you can’t work on your job search:

~ I just checked, and there are still postings on job boards! Take a peek and see if a new opportunity looks right for you and get that application and resume posted.

~ The internet still works, so you today can be a time for you to conduct research about prospective employers and maybe an new industry you’re exploring.

~ There may be some folks who would love to take a few minutes for a networking call today, so go ahead and ask! And if folks don’t want to meet today, perhaps you can use today to schedule a time for a networking meeting sometime down the road.

Take care and be safe out there and use this day to make progress on your search.

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