17 Feb

A story: “A student goes to a famous philosopher and asks if the wise one believes that at the heart of all truth lies paradox?”

The reply: “Yes and no.”

There are many paradoxical things our world, including what I see as two truths that may seem contradictory but in fact are both true…

Great leaders know they must do everything they can to support the training, growth and development of each member of their team. It’s the only way they will likely achieve their business objectives. But in doing so they run the risk to developing people in such a way that the competitors would be eager to lure them jump ship.

But rather than hold back on the development of their employees, great leaders lean into developing and supporting them.


Strong leaders also create an inspiring workplace, where employees are so excited about their work that it would make it quite difficult for them to consider another job.

Don’t look at these challenges as “either-or”—that’s a trap and you’ll end up losing good folks and likely having challenges attracting talent.

Stop thinking “either-or” and start thinking “both-and”. Develop folks AND create a workplace where they feel no desire to leave.

Your paradoxical thinking will be richly rewarded.

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